Sunday, June 23, 2013

Biking Vietnam- see your holiday by cycle tours with us

where ever   you want to explorea landscape, city or even a country you want to get all you can from the experience. You want to see the landmarks, enjoy the scenery and learn all you can about the area and its culture and history. Cycling tours can allow you to enjoy the surrounding area in all its glory in the comfort of a group setting and with the excitement of riding a bicycle.

Cycling tours can cover many different types of land from cities to mountains and can last from hours to days depending on what type of tour your set out on. If you do participate in overnight tours you may either be escorted to a nearby hotel that has been reserved for you and your party or you may enjoy the great outdoors and camp outside depending on the type of tour that is scheduled.

Cycling tours are a great way to experience new areas as you can go at a steady pace, take breaks to take in the scenery and relax and they allow you to explore the area on your own for a bit and really appreciate the sights.

Before embarking on a cycling tour you should make sure you are fully prepared. The vietnam cycling holiday company may assist you in anything you may need for your trip, but there are some key things you need to prepare and find out before putting your feet to the pedals and go out on the tour.

First off, know exactly what you need to take with you such as food, water, helmets and more.
Even if the company will provide these things for you it may be a good idea for you to pack extra, especially if you’re planning on going on a tour that involves camping.

Secondly, make sure your bike is a good fit for your body type. Tours can last a very long time, which means you’ll be sitting on that bicycle for quite some time. If you’re not comfortable on the bicycle it could cause back and leg pain that could make the rest of your trip miserable. Many bikes can be adjusted to fit the rider more comfortably and you may try different bikes if the bicycle just doesn’t seem to work for you no matter what it is adjusted to.

Finally, know where you are going beforehand and keep a map on hand in case you get separated from the group. It would be rather difficult to get separated from a professional cycling tour guide, but accidents do happen and you don’t want to get lost in unfamiliar territory. Make sure you stay with the group. If you need a rest, try to inform the guide.

When you finally embark on your tour the only things you need to worry about are staying with your group, making sure you don’t over-exert yourself and enjoying the scenery. There are many sights that you wouldn’t be able to see outside of cycling tours or hiking so you should take the time to appreciate the world around you and wonders made by man and nature on your vietnam classic cycling holiday.

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